Welcome to the site of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey towards balance, well-being and peace of mind! It is my pleasure to be your guide, supporter and hopefully inspiration on this wonderful voyage—thank you for choosing yourself as the most important person in your life!

A warm welcome to you for chancing upon this homepage! Whether it has been a coincidence or a planned action—I am very happy to greet you and hope that you will find something that helps you, peaks your interest or at least provides food for thought.

Everything you see and read about here is something you have a chance to experience first hand either in my classes, coaching or therapy sessions and it doesn’t matter how near or far you are – I do both, face to face and Skype sessions, so everybody is able to have their taste of Personal Freedom Training if interested and/or feel the need.


We are all in different places in our lives yet there’s still the common thing about us humans—we dream and wish to reach those dreams in order to live a happier and more balanced life…. Remember, dreaming gives us the direction, believing gives us power and enjoying what we have makes us happy and smiling :)

There are different ways of reaching goals and dreams, promises and intentions, all depending on the challenges we’re having. In my mind—all our challenges are always interconnected anyway, so there’s no need to divide them into groups and deal with them separately. I believe that solving one will usually help resolve others and thus have a ripple effect. In case issues are not being treated properly they will continue to show up until we choose to learn from them and understand why they appear.

The thing is we are not just one aspect of our being—we don’t define ourselves as our bodies or minds only, we are the holistic package of everything—the perfection in all the imperfections 😉  Therefore, choosing to work on yourself as the whole can be so much more rewarding and results will often appear faster.

Making the conscious and unconscious mind work hand in hand, tweaking the intuition, challenging the body and releasing the soul will be beneficial in many more ways than just focusing on whatever seems to be the biggest challenge at the moment.

This is how Personal Freedom Training was created—in order to help and develop all the aspects of human being—the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual—to support their co-existence and strengthen the wholesome YOU.

If it seems like something you would like to find out a bit more about or if you are ready to take the journey and work with me—please, send me a message and we’ll figure out the how!

Those of you who happen to live in a different city, country or even continent–I do a lot of online coaching as well as face to face, so send me a message anyway and I am sure we’ll find the perfect match for you.

Remember–everything is possible if you believe in it, so if you are ready to find balance, freedom, sense of empowerment & peace of mind and are ready to start a new journey, this is the perfect time to do it!

Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope to hear from you soon!
With gratitude
Silja 😉

Welcome! Velkommen! Tere tulemast! Tervetuloa! Bienvenido! Bienvenue! Willkommen! Kalos orisate! Aloha mai! Swaagatam! Benvenuto! Irashaimasu! Huan yin! Dobro pozhalovat! Välkommen!

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